The World Coming Together


Gabi Harris, Staff Writer

The Earth is quite a large place and when people come together to agree or disagree on the same particular topic it’s ground breaking. Last year, there was an outbreak of us all coming together to think the same about.
The year 2012 was a big one for people joining together. It varied from relief supporters helping the victims of hurricane Sandy after she made her way through the Northeastern United States and portions of the Caribbean, to the letters unfortunate shot victims at the Colorado movie theater and Sandy Hook Elementary School, KONY 2012, a charity promoting to the donations to the “Stop Kony” movement to arrest a man by the name of Joseph Kony.
“I remember when all of the Kony stuff came out everyone was making Facebook statuses about it,” Stephanie Carroll, junior said.
People had their opinions regarding those causes, whether positive or negative but everyone was talking about the movement one way or another.
The Olympic Games with more than 200 nations participating also brought many people together. The Olympics began on July 27th and came to an end on August 12th. The Summer Olympics was a huge international multi-sporting event.
“I usually never watch sports but for some reason I actually watched and liked the Olympics,” Anna Packford, sophomore said.
The London Olympics 2012 beat the views of the Beijing Olympics back in 2008 with 215 million views.
Many things have occurred in the past years that brought us all together as a planet. They have had a major impact of how everyone interacts with one another and how we all act.