Athletics: A New Direction

Genevieve Grosso, Sports Editor

As school sports begin to practice and prepare for their 2020-2021 season, it has been in question of when they will finally begin. Due to the pandemic, all Fall sports were pushed back until the district thought it was okay to begin playing, but it looks like the start date has come. Golf matches have started as well as bowling, swimming, and cross country. Girls Volleyball will begin matches on October 27, and football begins on October 30. While interviewing the new sports director at WHS, Mr. Collovi, he was asked about the precautions the athletic department has taken to prevent the spread of COVID. He responded by saying “We have started off by allowing groups of no more than 10 and are now letting them in groups of 20 at most. All activities are following social distancing policies the best a sport will allow. All athletes must wear a face covering at all times and they are not engaged in physical activity. Players are to bring their own water bottles, and at the start and end of each session, players are to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands while coaches sanitize all equipment.” Mr. Collovi was also asked about how his new position as sports director has been and what he is most excited about moving forward. “It has been challenging because I don’t think any amount of experience can prepare someone for this type of scenario, but it has also been rewarding to finally see that we are getting students back to playing sports,” he answered. Good luck to all our WHS athletes and remember to stay safe.