State mandated moment of silence


Jaidyn Houghtaling, Arts & Entertainment Editor

On Monday the 27th, the Senate Education Committee cleared Ocala republican senator Dennis Baxley’s rule requiring all Florida students to sit in 2 minutes of silence at the beginning of the school day.

All schools have been allowed to let students have a moment of silence, but it was never mandatory. Baxley wants to change this.

Rabbi Schneur Oierechman from Tallahassee, Florida is another person who supports the idea of having a moment of silence every day. 

“There’s a lot of darkness in our world today … this will bring a lot of light into children, into the school,” Oierechman said.

Senator Lori Berman says that requiring students to sit in 2 minutes of silence every day is “too close to prayer in school”. 

“I worry when you do this moment of silence, it puts students who are from a different faith or atheists … in an uncomfortable situation,” she said. 

Berman later then voted against the bill.

The assistant state director of the organization American Atheists also said the new requirement went too far.