Will You Really Stay In Touch?


Cassidy Flechaus, Multi-Media Editor

Seniors, time to face your fears and grow up.  The time has come to graduate and leave every thing and every one you have known for so long. No more mommy and daddy to play doctor or nanny.  The friends that have been around forever will be at schools a few hours away or maybe across the country.  The real question is will you actually stay in touch?

With today’s technology staying in touch is no problem; instant messaging and face time definitely triumphs over having to wait days to receive a letter or months before seeing someone. But will the friends who have been with you since the beginning of high school actually take the time to stay in touch?

Don’t fret, if they were meant to be in your life, they would be. College is a time to make friends who are matured and who have experienced many other things. College friends are people who you can learn from and help you figure out who you actually want to be as a person.  The friends made in high school will either be with you to the end or who will part ways when it isn’t convenient for them any more.  Statistically 85 per cent of students from Wellington High School went to a four year college in 2014, and 8 per cent stayed home and went to a two-year college/vocational school. Some students (3 per cent) went into the military and 4 per cent didn’t do anything at all.

As a friend there are some ways to remain in contact with your “best friend”:

1. Make something personal like a picture frame or a bracelet so they can have it to remember you

2.Make the effort to see each other when you come home for holidays

3.Stay in touch through social media

4.Text them at least once every other week or even more

5.Take trips to their college for a weekend of fun


If the friendship is meant to be it will be.  Enjoy the friends you have around now and look forward to meeting new ones.