Student Spotlight: Marlise Perez, Master Musician


Taylor McGriff, Staff Writer

Imagine juggling schoolwork, having a job, having a social life, performing at parties, being in music videos, writing songs, and staying up for endless hours perfecting your craft. There is one person walking the halls of WHS who can do all of those things and more without breaking a sweat.

Many students around WHS know Marlise Perez or have seen her numerous times in the halls. But her talents make her more special than a lot of people may know. She surely doesn’t mind being in the spotlight. Marlise has participated in numerous performances at WHS and also creates music in a professional recording studio, recently starring in her own music video.

Her fan base is growing by the day and her name is becoming pretty familiar, not only to WHS students but to students and people near and far. Her resume for an 18 year-old high school student is quite impressive. Here’s a deeper look into the thoughts and life of Marlise Perez.

Q: When did you first start getting into music?

A: I actually wrote my first song when I was 9 years old. I started really concentrating and seriously pursuing music when I was in 7th grade.

Q: Is music something you want to do as your future career?

A: Of course, I would love to have music in my future career. My ideal career goal is to own a recording studio and become a professional songwriter.

Q: How does it feel to be in a studio creating something that you love?

A: It is honestly the best feeling in the world. When I am in the studio nothing else is on my mind except my music. I feel nothing but good vibes when I’m recording.

Q: What is it like to create and star in your own music video?

A: It’s harder than it looks. It’s actually really stressful. I want to make sure everything is perfect. But it also feels really good to have my work seen and recognized which makes the stress and worrying all worth it in the end.

Q: What is your favorite part of the entire process?

A:  My favorite part has to be shooting the video. But another favorite part of mine is celebrating after all is said and done and watching and listening to what I created.

Q: Do people treat you like you are famous?

A: The people that don’t know me treat me like I’m famous but some people don’t. I’ve been asked for pictures and autographs before. It feels a little weird but cool at the same time. It’s something I’m still getting used to.

Q: Name a famous artist(s) you dream of working with and why.

A: I dream of working with Jhene Aiko and Drake. Their music is so original and they have inspired me to create the type of music I create now. Working with them would be amazing.

Q: Who or what keeps you going when you may get side-tracked?

A: God, my mom, and my dad keep me going. I keep them in mind when things may get rough or when I lose focus. My growing fan base and competition also fuel me to keep going and continue creating music that I love.

Q: Do you have any words of advice for someone chasing their dreams?

A: All I can say is work for it! Work really hard and it will pay off in the end. You have to prioritize your life in order to accomplish what you want to do. You might have to give up time with your friends or miss out on some parties, but those are small prices to pay when trying to achieve your goals.

Having such an extensive resume and an evolving music career must get tiring. Marlise proves that hard work and dedication can help anyone accomplish their goals. It is safe to say that Marlise Perez is on to big things after her high school career at WHS.