Social Media

Erin Bryant, Press Release Editor

The Wave has vastly expanded its social media efforts this year. We launched a Facebook page and an Instagram after attending the #PostHSJ Workshop. In addition, we renovated our Twitter and our website.

The Facebook page was created October 6, 2014. Since its launch 5 months ago, the page has gained about 130 likes. By using hashtags, the posts average about 50 views. The page is updated weekly with videos and stories. To engage potential readers, a picture is posted alongside a link to the story.



Moreover, we started an Instagram account in October. The page now has over 130 followers. The account was hacked shortly the first post, but we regained control in December. Each picture averages about 25 likes. To increase exposure and allure, we use common hashtags (such as #instagood) and emojis. We use apps such as PicsArt, No Crop, PicCollage, and Instagram filters to edit. The app TakeOff is used to schedule posts at times of high use.


The Twitter account has been active since 2012. However, this year we gained 50+ followers. Tweets were also composed more frequently.

Recently, we started a ‘cutest couple’ contest for all of our social media accounts. The goal is to incorporate readers into our posts and spark familiarity.


Furthermore, this year we renovated the website. The design was changed drastically and a favicon was created. The quality of the pictures was improved. Also, infographics were introduced. All of these changes were aimed to create a more pleasurable experience for viewers