“What If…”

Cassidy Flechaus, Multi Media Editor

“What if,” is a question people encounter every day of their life.  What comes after “what if” could be beneficial and motivating or a security blanket used, to avoid in activities that are out of a certain comfort zone.  “What if” holds so much uncertainty that it’s probably the most frightening question a person could ask.  It is also the question that leads us into the most memorable opportunities and to great discoveries.

            With the fear of Global warming, many Floridians are asking, “What if Florida is submerged under water?” This question could be the driving force to build a huge boat like in Noah’s Arc or to get as far away as possible from this perceived danger. 

“Florida has gone under water many times.  It will happen again. We will have a ton of notice but it is inevitable,” Mr. Rigolo, Marine Science teacher, said.

For those adventure seekers, and bold new 18 year-olds, “what if your parachute doesn’t work when sky diving,” will either keep your feet safely on the ground or run through your head as you free fall from the plane.  “It’s a risk I would definitely take, it makes everything more exciting,” Yannick Feurich, senior said.

When looking up at the stars at night, “what if we aren’t the only ones in the universe,” is definitely a discussion starter. Would our lives be different if the human race shared space with foreigners from outer space? Most people may think that they are open to the idea but situations may arise like in the Twilight Zone that could be unfavorable, leaving us with questions and a plethora of possibility.  “That would be awesome if aliens were a thing, but I don’t think I would want them on earth. That’s super creepy,” Hannah Smith, senior said.

            There are so many “what ifs” in life. Whether we take the chance or not is what defines us.  It is scarier to not take a chance then to take a chance and fail.