‘Constantine’ Review

'Constantine' Review

Christopher Smith, Staff Writer

MBC’s new show Constantine has premiered and gained mixed reviews. It’s based off DC comics, an award winning comic Hellblazer. The 1990’s movie going under the same name which had the same characters. Unlike the movie this new show follows the comic more faithfully and doesn’t take to many liberties with the story. Which in this case is a good thing, since the comic’s myths and story lines expand back to the 60’s. This allows for well thought out and incredibly in-depth episodes.

The story follows the adventures of John Constantine. A British master of the dark arts, who has a knack for conning people as he travels around America solving supernatural crimes using an assortment of spells, occult artifacts and his own wits.

The story begins in the middle of the Hellblazer story line, with Constantine voluntarily admitted to a insane asylum. After causing the damnation of a abused little girl. Guilt ridden, Constantine tries to forget about his life via shock therapy. Only he is called back into action by an angel named Manny who wants his help in saving the world. The story is fast paced, very well thought out and pays homage to the original work, which is always a nice touch.
Matt Ryan as John Constantine is a blessing. He acts out the character vibrantly, playing the selfish, self-loathing and arrogant character perfectly. Manny, the trickster angel; played by Harold Perrineau, is a nice addition to the cast even if he wasn’t in the original comic. He acts as a mouth piece for the divine side of the universe that the original story didn’t have. The entire cast line is great and well-acted. Even one-note side characters are well done.

The story is fast but a bit too fast though. It doesn’t take a break, never stopping to take a breath and look back on the actions that are transpiring before them. This is forgivable since most pilots try to stuff as much information in as quickly as possible. But in the future this reviewer hopes that they will take their time. Add pacing and take nice quiet breaks in between the stories.
The show has its kinks, but it’s also an amazing expansion to the DC television universe; resting right next to the likes of ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’. The cast special effects and story line and fantastic. If you ever want to sit down and watch a well put horror and mystery show, Constantine is the right show for you.