Tips to Staying Alive in High School

Tips to Staying Alive in High School

Mya Mandell, Entertainment Editor

Wellington High School starts at around 7:30 every morning and most high school students come walking into school looking like zombies who have just arisen from the dead.

Waking up in the dark hours of the day can be painful and dreadful. Awakening to the buzzing of the alarm clock or a mother screaming to “Wake Up!” isn’t really a student’s dream of waking up.

Although most students still get the required eight hours of sleep every night, they still seem tired and unmotivated to come into school everyday.
Students of WHS have there own tips on how to get more sleep and how to stay awake during the tedious seven-hour school day.

Coffee seems to be a popular drink in the morning for most teens at Wellington High, as well as iced due to the extreme heat and humidity of Florida. With two Dunkin Donuts and one Starbucks near the school, coffee pickups in the morning aren’t a problem.

“ I religiously get coffee every single morning from Dunkin Donuts, a vanilla bean with cream and sugar is the usual for me,” Ariel Benishmon, junior, said. “Starbucks just doesn’t have enough caffeine to get me through the long day.”
For some, coffee isn’t enough. They need extra time to sleep as well. Some students may take first hour off in order to get a much-needed extra hour to sleep in.
“I took first hour off my entire high school career because waking up at 6:30 just didn’t work for me.” Rachel Deluca, junior, said.
Others go to bed at an earlier time and get things prepared the night before to sleep a few more minutes.

Getting their outfit out the night before or packing a lunch can help a student obtain extra snoozing time and feel more refreshed the next morning.
But staying awake in class can be the hard part. Listening to a teacher lecture may put a student right to sleep.

“I always need to stay involved and participate in class in order to stay awake and alive,” Cheyenne Pearson, sophomore, said.
Other students listen to music or draw while in class to even just stay awake and try to listen to what the teacher is rambling on about.

“The music helps me stay connected and awake when I’m really just looking forward to my bed at the end of the day,” Cheyenne Pearson said.
School isn’t a place most children look forward to going at seven in the morning, but these helpful tips may make school a little more expecting and people will start to look livelier in the wee hours of the morning.