Dress Code for Parents?



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Mya Mandell, Entertainment Editor

The Palm Beach County School District recently discussed a topic about enforcing dress code for parents and guardians. Suggested by the Head of the School Board Rosalind Osgood, dress code will be imposed when parents come to visit the school for events such as parent conferences, or meeting the teachers.
“I think we’re moving in a terrible direction even talking about this,” board member Frank Barbieri said.
The dress code would be similar to what students are expected to adhere to: tank tops, shorts, leggings, holes in jeans, hats, sunglasses, would all be prohibited. The idea was brought up that parents should be setting a better example for their children. Board member Jennifer Brown agreed with Barbieri that a policy was unnecessary.
Parents have been “revealing too much skin and a distraction” Says other members of the board, [to teachers and other students,] mothers are apparently showing cleavage, and wearing too short of dresses, coming from the school boards opinion. Parents were also showing up to school in inappropriate attire such as pajamas, short shorts, sagging pants and hair curlers and seem to be getting distracted while attempting to pay attention while visiting the school.
“The idea of having to dress a certain just to come visit my son at school is ridiculous, parents shouldn’t be dressing un-presentable to school anyway.” Jamie Starkins, parent, said.
Parents are outraged by this discussion, stating that they should be allowed to dress however they want, and shouldn’t be punished for what they decide to wear. “ Now our parents know how we feel, while having a strict dress code to follow on a daily basis,” Sydney Downes, sophomore, said.
Most school boards have no interest in getting involved in this issue. As of right now, the change of dress code is being postponed.
“I’m sure what would happen if we tried to put a policy in place is that poor parents won’t come at all out, of fear they were dressed inappropriately,” said Frank Barbieri.
In September, a meeting will be held to further discuss this topic.