Technology: Friend or Foe?


Jessica Parenti, Staff Writer

There are many people opposed to technological progress due to old-fashioned beliefs, but despite much controversy, technology continues to prevail.

An obvious advantage of technology would be how we can communicate and share information within seconds. There is never a minute of ignorance due to how rapidly people spread knowledge and news around the web. Rather than searching for a particular word in a dictionary, it can be defined in a matter of seconds by looking it up on the internet.

A common concern regarding technology would be the effect it has on the younger generations, but studies have shown that the introduction of computers and tablets have actually caused children to improve academically. Educational games are easily available to kids and encourage them to learn in new, interactive ways. More children are inclined to solve math problems and read stories when it is being given to them in the form of an app or game.

“If it wasn’t for my apps, I would be in big trouble when it comes to tests,” Ally Kraska, senior, says. “I use so many apps as study aids, and organization tools. They are a great help!”

The application, SAM, has gained much needed publicity. SAM was created by the University of West England and is aimed at helping individuals manage their anxiety. The app provides information and techniques on how to develop healthy habits to ease and control anxiety and stress levels. The application also allows users to track their anxiety so that they can notice similar patterns or triggers so that they can be avoided.

While the older generations thinks technology is making individuals lazier, it is evident that technology may, in fact, be making us more productive and positive when it comes to work and school life. While technology may offer simple distractions such as, Facebook and Twitter, it is not exactly technology’s fault for how people use it. Even without social networks, individuals would find other activities to distract themselves with.

It is apparent that technology has really increased a person’s ability to multi-task, which is pivotal in today’s fast-paced society. A person can chat on Facebook in one tab, while working on a project in another.

There is also a common belief that using computers or smart phones will permanently damage eyesight, but in reality, it will only strain an individual’s eyes for a very short amount of time.

Technology can have cons, just like anything else in the world, but it is really a matter of how someone uses it. Technology can be used to slack off, but can, most importantly, be used to gain knowledge.