Could Brandon Vitale be the Next Justin Bieber?

Could Brandon Vitale be the Next Justin Bieber?

Chloe Deneke, Staff Writer

At age five, when other kids his age were pretending to be Guitar Heroes on their Xbox, Brandon Vitale, junior, was singing. His love for music inspired him to follow his dreams and to start making music.

“No one inspired me to start singing, music itself did,” Vitale, said.

Vitale hopes to one day have the spotlight on him and tons of screaming fans in the audience singing along to his songs.

“Currently, I am not signed, but when I do get the opportunity to get signed I will not have a preference as long as they are a major label,” Vitale said.

Vitale, a songwriter who sings pop music, looks up to many artists including Debbie Gibson, the Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Bruno Mars, and Justin Timberlake.

Like any normal teenager, Vitale would love to meet one of his celebrity idols.

“I would like to meet Paul McCartney because he is my favorite Beatle and the Beatles are the most legendary band of all time,” he said.

Vitale’s style is hard to pin down. He doesn’t have a sound that people can compare to another artist. He said his style is “unique.”

Many great things come from having a musical talent, but some stand out more than others.

“My favorite part about making music is when I see people’s reactions when listening to one of my songs and I know they really like it,” Vitale said.

Vitale has a few songs on iTunes: “Show Me Girl, “Yesterday’s Music, “Same Game, and “Club Music.” He also has a song called “Va Va Va Voom” that is available for free download at

Vitale spent many hours recording these songs in various studios, but the hard work pays off.

“Finishing a song is the best feeling anyone can ever have, it is so amazing that I can’t even describe it,” he said.

People don’t write music for Vitale, all of his music is original.

“Writing the song doesn’t really take a long time for me-they just come to me out of nowhere and I write them from beginning to end, but the recording takes time though,” Vitale said.

Most songwriters have a great passion for what they do, but they also have other hobbies and interests they are interested in when they aren’t singing or creating music. Vitale, however, is different.

“I don’t like doing anything but music, it’s on my mind twenty-four/seven,” Vitale said.

In order to accomplish dreams like this it’s crucial to be surrounded with people who are supportive. Vitale said his parents are very supportive of his music.

Vitale says he encourages people to dream big, just like he did.

“Take vocal lessons and never take no for an answer,” Vitale advises, “if you can dream it, you can do it.”