Not Even the Rain Slowed the Game


Taylor Nanz

Stephanie Courtois, Editor in Chief

Heart, sweat and dedication was put to the ultimate test on October 17. Each class practiced numerous hours to build their defense and strengthen their offense. It was a close call to determine who would win the 2011 powderpuff games.

There was a light drizzle, but it was consistent. It cooled off the players just enough so that it was not a struggle to keep up endurance. There may have been rain, but it didn’t deter the crowd from showing their suport. Many students and faculty represented their classmates and their homecoming spirit.

Each grade gave it their all and the winners only prevailed towards the end of the final game by a 2-point safety. As tradition might have predicted, the Seniors did in fact win.

Not only was there a fight for the flag football title, the boy’s powderpuff squads competed to claim the crown as well. What many came to witness was the amusing half time show put on by each class. Everyone’s performance was humorous and impressive. The audience observed flips, cartwheels, pyramids and even a super trust fall.

It was quite a night for all who attended, and there is no way to tell what next year’s competition will have in store.