Back to School Blues

Natalie Claude-Banks, Press Release Editor

With this new virus looming over us, nearly half the students returned to brick and mortar learning on September 21st; the rest continued virtually. There are many testing opportunities on campus… that’s a chance for virtual students to experience what goes on in school, see how classrooms are set up and to even just get out of the house for once. 

When talking to student Gabriella Falci, she claimed that she wanted to come back to see her friends, meet her teachers and have an actual high school experience. For a freshman or sophomore, this is completely understandable. Who wants to miss out on their first and second years of High School? It truly can be a great experience for some people. No one expected this to be the situation for the school year of 2020, so make the best of it and have fun. For some, it might be your last year… treasure the memories you’ve made throughout the years. Also, remember this, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So to all the freshmen returning this year, please don’t be that kid.

Science teacher, Travis Gray, claims the school has done an excellent job trying to keep everyone safe. Teachers didn’t have a choice to come back (unless you had special medical or health conditions) but he is sure happy to be back so swing by and say hello to him.

This is a chance for all the students learning virtually to see how your classrooms are set up. Classrooms have a new rule: a limit of 20 students. With this being said, there are over flow rooms for students to attend if there isn’t room for them.

Each desk is placed six feet apart. Both students and teachers are required to wear masks when present on school grounds. Lunch is the only exception, of course, but masks are required to be immediately put back on. All work is to be done on computers and no papers should be given out. This might not be  worst case scenario, I mean think about it… conserving trees isn’t so bad after all.