Opinion: No period off for FLVS isn’t fair

Opinion: No period off for FLVS isn't fair

Mattingly Sullivan, Multimedia Editor

Starting next school year, students will not get a period off to do FLVS. Many students are disagreeing with this new change in our school.

Here at Wellington students were normally allowed to take off a period in order to complete FLVS. But starting next school year, we will no longer get a period off for FLVS.

Students should get a period off to do FLVS. FLVS is a requirement to graduate and many students have too much stuff going on after school and won’t have time to complete all the work. When students get a period off it gives them time to go home and complete the class. Without this period off students have to do the class on their own time, which is hard with sports, homework, work, or any other after school activity.

Many students here at Wellington are upset about this sudden change. Getting an opportunity to get a period off is great especially when it comes to doing required work. We need an FLVS class in order to graduate but we won’t have the opportunity to take the class now except on our own time.

All in all, this new change doesn’t make much sense and isn’t that fair.