President Trump’s impeachment investigation explained


Wikimedia Commons

Jaidyn Houghtaling, Staff Writer

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment investigation of President Trump on September 24th. This is only the fourth time in U.S. history that a president has been threatened with impeachment.

The investigation does not mean that he will be removed from office. If the investigation shows that laws were broken, a vote will be held in the House of Representatives. If the vote passes, a trial will be held in the Senate. If the Senate finds him guilty, they will decide the punishment which could mean removal from office.

Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment investigation after it was discovered that Trump requested that the President of Ukraine investigate Trump’s political rival, former vice president Joe Biden. It is illegal for a candidate to request help from a foreign country in an election. Trump has released a transcript of the phone conversation that shows he did request a favor from the President of Ukraine. Trump does not agree with the public perception of the conversation. This transcript will likely determine whether or not the House votes in favor of impeachment.

If Trump broke the law, he should be impeached and tried in the Senate. If he is not held accountable, other presidents in the future could request election help from foreign governments. This is not something that should be set as a precedent.