Letter From the Editor: Sally-Emma Calandroni


Sally-Emma Calandroni, Design Editor

As the year draws to a close, what remains of the newspaper team looks back on the year, the successes and memories. I never expected to enjoy writing for a newspaper to be as much as I do. Writing for the newspaper means being able to put a puzzle of information together, or being able to talk about a movie you loved, or hated, being able to let people know about events that really matter and so much more. Being able to inform others, and even becoming knowledgeable myself on current events is an experience I genuinely love.

Over the 10 months of being on this team, we have successfully published 55 quality stories informing and entertaining the student body, a massive accomplishment for us. Despite knowing we have a small audience, for now, but still being able to have the inspiration to write and take the newspaper seriously gives me hope for what all the members of the newspaper can achieve individually. Perseverance and willingness to go above and beyond was and will be a trait of anyone on the newspaper team.

Having experienced the teamwork and communication of being in the newspaper in a way I’ve never had to before matured me as a person. Taking the initiative to get something done, to open up and talk, and to meet deadlines made me more prepared than any other high school class I’ve taken.

I’ve laughed, I’ve bonded and I’ve cried with my colleagues, went through the good days and the bad. The newspaper was always a constant in my life, the ability to work to get my mind off anything that was happening is truly a gift. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect class.


Until next year,

Sally-Emma Calandroni

Design Editor