Letter From The Editor: Ian Leonard


Ian Leonard, Arts and Entertainment Editor

I started this school year off not knowing anything about how to run a newspaper and I was pretty nervous whether I’d do a good job but I was sure it was something that I wanted to be a part of and I’m really glad I was.

Through this experience of being a part of such an amazing team of skilled writers, I was able to see first hand how much time and dedication someone can put into something they’re passionate about and where I will need to improve in order to achieve my goals of being a writer one day. After only being in the class for a few weeks, I was certain that this was where I was supposed to be. From cramming to finish an article before the deadline to getting scolded for goofing off, there wasn’t a single time where I regretted being a part of this class.

Being the Arts and Entertainment Editor has been a blast, from getting to interview people for articles to writing reviews for movies, I always had something to write about that I was actually passionate about and never had to feel forced to write things that I had no interest in. I think that this has been my biggest block with writing in the past and why sometimes I’m deterred from writing and I’m really glad I was able to write about things I was always excited about writing because I’m sure that if I wasn’t, I would have come to dislike having to write about things I didn’t care to write about every week.

Although I think we did an amazing job bringing back the Newspaper from the dead I still sometimes felt like there were some things that could definitely be improved for next year but I’m sure now that we’ve had a year to bring the Newspaper back to its former glory, we will be able to focus on more of the nitty gritty of it all. It would be amazing to have a lot of new faces and personalities join the class and to be a part of this team next year, considering how three of the five members graduated leaving only two prospective seniors and whoever decides to join next year, we’re going to need all the help we can get to live up to the expectations of those who graduated and not let all their hard work go to waste.

Overall It’s been an amazing journey being in this class and to have gotten to know all these amazing people that I’m sure will go on to do amazing things in life purely based on their determination to do things write and to the best of their abilities. I think that I was really fortunate to have had this experience of being a part of such an amazing group of people who I’m sure I will remember for a very long time and will continue to influence me and to have had the ability to hone my writing skills and continue to pursue my dream of being a writer one day.

To quote someone who knew how to do this the most, Full Send.

Ian Leonard

Arts and Entertainment Editor