Editorial: Palm Tree Massacre

Kyoto News

Kyoto News

Sally-Emma Calandroni, Design Editor

Since 1980, stunning 40 feet Palm Trees have lined Aero Club Drive, and have become an iconic and long-standing symbol of Wellington. However, more than 350 Washingtonia palm trees could possibly be cut down soon. That’s about 11 times more than Ted Bundy’s count. Topical.

The reasoning for this massacre is to “improve draining” by implementing bike lanes. Lanes for bicycles, to improve drainage, sure Jan.

This is just a ploy by Big Industry to corrode culture and deteriorate morals.  This mockery of a village wants to improve drainage, add bike lanes and provide irrigation and landscaping, however, the trees are “too close” to the pavement and to power lines, which is apparently an issue.

Now, I have seen what they plan to do with the road, sure it looks good, but why is there a need to cut the trees down?

“That’s not very cash money of them” states a fellow concerned student residing in Wellington. Another student from Brookwood High School, Georgia adds, “It is bad.”

They could easily just leave the poor things alone, they’re iconic. Their plan is to improve the area? Make look all suburban and clean with pretty pink bougainvilleas lining the side of the road. Sounds pleasant doesn’t it?

Yeah of course it does, but is it classic Florida?

Interested in getting your voice heard on the issue? Head over to this survey and vote on what you’d prefer to happen to the trees on Aero Club Drive.