Age Bias in Elections

Age Bias in Elections

Jordan Goodstein, Opinion Editor

With the news covering the 2016 election constantly, the faces of Hillary and Trump never leave our minds. As high school students, a majority of us are not able to vote, despite the exposure we have been getting towards the event.

There has been a popular response that people do not actually want to vote due to lack of popularity between the two main candidates. While there are people who would like to vote and cannot, and people who don’t want to vote but can, this election season is truly a madhouse.

It seems unfair that there are people who are educated enough to want to express their vote, but are restricted by the law. The decision lasts four years as well. As high school students, we will be in our most formative year; seniors age from eighteen to twenty two years old by the next election.

Perhaps, they should make a test to see if people under the age restriction are educated enough to vote, or even allow the transfer of voting power. As this election is more wild than ever seen before, anything should go.