This is Country Music

This is Country Music

Savannah Edwards, Staff Writer

Country music—not an average person enjoys this genre on a daily basis. Tractors, trucks and trailers don’t seem to appeal unless one is dressing up on Halloween with overalls and bucked teeth. Yet, if the stereotype could be separated from the genre itself, and the lyrics could be recognized, a newfound love for country music may arise.

Truthfully, some of the most meaningful songs derive from the mouths of country artists. Tim McGraw, a talented veteran of the country genre, has an entire song dedicated to his daughter called Daddy’s Little Girl.  Here’s a quick link to the: song This song may be heard at weddings for the father-daughter dance, which makes an incredibly memorable moment.

Aside from that, country music may play a big part in spelling out people’s emotions easily. There is no distraction from the artist’s lyrics flowing to the rhythm of the song. This being said, relating to a country song may not be so hard, seeing’s how they cover about a thousand topics throughout all the songs. Heartbreak, loss of a family member, society, money and even songs about country music are encased in the genre.

“I don’t normally like country music, but when I do listen to it, I can easily find a song that describes exactly how I am feeling,” Emilee Gardner, junior, said.

The people who enjoy country music are your typical truck-driving, mud-loving individuals and that is why it country music as a whole can have a bad rap. Deep down, it is a great group of people who really enjoy living their lives to the fullest.

“I like country music, because it’s real music that relates to real problems that people have. It also tells great love stories,” Taylor Luck, freshman, said.

All in all, country music may not be for everyone, but anyone may find his or herself jamming and wishing for a Chevy.