Tennis Team Dominates


Erin Bryant, Press Release Editor

Congratulations to the boys’ tennis team.  The boys won every match and earned a total of 21 points. For the second year in a row, the team swept every position . Number 1 was Justin Sacks followed by Jack Hundley, Tyler Dillian, Blake Yodlowski, and Armand Munoz. Dillian, Munoz, and Yodlowski  are first year players who play like veterans. In addition, Sacks and Hundley were the best of doubles. Dillian and Yodlowski placed second for doubles. Both Dillian and Yodlowski had a few marathon matches that lasted over three and a half hours. They came back for the win. As a result of his win at no. 1 singles, Sacks earned a trip to the state finals. Sacks and Hundley also earned a trip to states for their win at doubles. The team will play in a regional semi-final match. When you see these players, congratulate them.