What to Wear During Winter


Travis Cheek

Mya Mandell, Staff Writer

With December having arrived, one would expect a large drop in temperature. In reality, the lowest it might get down in Florida is maybe 60 degrees. So what does a person even wear during this not so white winter?
With the weather always being so unpredictable in this tropical state of sunshine the temperature could be a cold 40 degrees one day and a high 80 degrees the next. If you’re visiting family in Florida plan to pack a variety of outfit ideas. Especially if you’re traveling from an even colder region of the country, you’re definitely in for a surprise with this crazy weather.
To home born Floridians 60 degrees is freezing, so you may see some people walking around town completely bundled up in fur coats and boots. You sure won’t hear us stop complaining about how cold it is outside, either. A few even light up a bonfire or our fireplaces to make it feel like winter.
“The one thing I really hate about Florida is its weather… I wish it would actually snow and feel a little more like Christmas down here,” Corey Schaller, freshman said.
The first option in capturing the winter feeling in Florida is to dress like it’s cold outside and throw on a large sweater and UGGS and just deal with having a heatstroke and sweating to death. Otherwise, wear what you normally wear in Florida: shorts and t-shirt preferably red or green and just act like it’s the holidays without the spirited getup.
A more serious note on what to wear on those somewhat chilly days could just be a lightweight scarf or a thin jacket. To get in the holiday spirit, try finding holiday themed or colored jackets or cardigans. Anything with an ugly reindeer or Santa Claus on it will do. Reds, greens, golds, and even silvers can substitute to add a little Christmas flair to an outfit.
Even painting one’s nails a holiday color can enhance the holiday sprit. As for guys, just stick to wearing a holiday themed tie or carrying around a wallet with Santa on it for a few weeks to stay in that Christmas spirit in this not so Christmas state. “ To feel a little more in the spirit I like to wear a Santa hat or reindeer ears to school.” John Cortellso, sophomore, said.