The Future of PC Gaming


Jessica Parenti

Jessica Parenti, Staff Writer

There is much controversy concerning console games and PC games. PC gaming has been on the rise for quite some time now and has been considered to be a cheaper, and smarter method to gaming.
Many individuals are showing a strong interest in PC gaming giving it a chance to become a preferred platform in the future. Although, consoles are ruling right now, the reign is expected to end.
In comparison to consoles, PCs have been known to have superior graphics and social characteristics, which are reason enough for people to start leaving their Playstations and Xbox’s behind.
Just like music and movies, it is predicted that digital gaming will dominate the gaming industry soon enough.
Consoles have a lot of disadvantages and limitations to them. Consoles tend to lack reliability, failing after about two years, and even though Microsoft offers a five year warranty to combat the “red ring of death” dilemma, it’s not worth the hassle. PCs have a life expectancy of four years, and can live much longer if the PC is well taken care of.
One of the most impressive aspects of PC gaming would undeniably be the mods and customization. These quirks that come with PC gaming can really enhance a players gaming experience by allowing the player to do things like altering the games files and adding fun extensions. PC gamers are also able to sometimes fix problems with the games that the developers hadn’t even bothered to repair.
Playing on a console is like eating vanilla ice cream. It’s good, but you know it could be better. PC gaming lets you to choose between various flavors and allows you to add whatever toppings you’d like—no extra charge. On a PC, you can make it better for free.
The most popular issue people have with PC gaming, however, is the issue of not having a decent computer. Many believe that they have to spend over $1,000 to have a decent computer to game on, but with the average amount of $400-$500 being spent on a console gaming system one can easily purchase a good computer.
PC gaming is so accessible now that an individual can even build a gaming PC that sits in their living room for the same price as a console.
An individual would be saving money by buying/building a computer, while also getting the extra perks, such as being able to check their Facebook whenever they’d like and return to their game.
So not only would a person be getting a better outlet for games, but they would also be getting everything else a computer offers rather than just an expensive, and unreliable console that will die out within its first few years of life.