The Need for a Testing Center


Chloe Deneke, Staff Writer

The media center is a great place for students to quietly study, do research, finish homework, or read. However, when it’s closed, students don’t get the opportunity to use what they should be able to.

Students that need a quiet place to do school work have to find somewhere else to go, and sometimes their only option is to sit outside in the courtyard with loud noises around them. Although some teachers allow students to use their room for such activities, most teachers don’t.

Over 60 studies have been conducted in 19 states concerning the importance of a media center. These studies showed that most students that go to a school with a good school library program and a media specialist score higher on all reading assessments.

A study conducted by Colorado’s Library Research Service showed students with a media center scored much higher on standardized tests than students that didn’t. Another study, conducted in Ohio, showed that 99.4 percent of students surveyed said that the librarians and the library media has helped them succeed in school. Also, it has been proven that students who have access to a current collection of books do better on their reading and writing tests.

The media center should be available to students all the time. If the library can’t be open, then there should be an alternate place for students to do research, go study or do homework. If studies have proven that students test scores are better if there’s a library for them to use, then WHS should always have a library or comparable option available.

Another option would be building a testing center. A testing center would be an amazing addition to the school. If a testing center were built, then the media center would be open to students for recreation while, teachers could reserve a computer lab for their students any day.

Principal, Mario Crocetti mentioned in a press conference with the WHS Newspaper a few weeks ago that the only reason that he isn’t building a testing center is because it’s “a money issue.”

Money seems to be the issue in most situations. To solve this, this could be turned into a county problem. The studies that have been conducted could be gathered and brought to the school district’s attention. If student voices were heard, then the district could possibly make building a testing center an option. If the county couldn’t pay the whole cost, WHS could try to help save some money. Doing fundraisers and asking for donations could go a long way. The school could eventually raise the money; it would just take some time.

The testing center would have to be decently size. The media center can test 130 students at a time. Another alternative to the money issue would be using classrooms. The wrestling room that is primarily after school could possibly adapted for testing instead. This would be a very cost effective way to alleviate some of the testing crunch in the Media Center.

WHS definitely needs an alternative testing center. The students would benefit from such a center. The media center is a place for student learning. Building a testing center would open that opportunity back up to all students.