Meagan’s Senior Goodbye

Leonard's Photography

Meagan Leon, Student Life Editor

As I reflect on my time here at Wellington and my experiences as an editor on the Wave staff, I realize that many of my accomplishments have been the product of hard work and dedication. High school, academically and socially, has been one of my greatest challenges, but also one of my greatest learning experiences.

The past four years of my life have proven to me how important it is not only to stay true to yourself but to also learn to not take life so seriously. Yes, high school can be extraordinarily difficult, but it is important to remember to enjoy the journey. We are only teenagers once in our lives, and we must take this time for what it’s worth. Life is short.

It seems easy to get caught up in all that high school is asking of you—exams, AP classes, college preparation, balancing of extra-curriculars and school work—but you also have to set aside time to enjoy high school traditions. Some of my best high school memories were made at Friday night football games or during homecoming dress up days. Speaking from personal experience, I know how stressful this time of your life can be. I remember countless nights spent studying too late and becoming frustrated and discouraged. With all of the pressures placed on us students today, this stress will become very prevalent. And while, I can’t tell you that it’s going to be easy, I can tell you that one of the best things to do in stressful situations is relax. Take a step back; look at all the hard work you have done and all that you have achieved. All of this hard work will pay off in the end, but don’t forget to appreciate the here and now

One of my biggest regrets in high school was taking myself too seriously—studying too hard when it wasn’t always necessary, worrying too much about things I had no control over. My piece of advice to you is to remember that this time in our lives is supposed to be fun.  Work hard, work as hard as you can, but set time for yourself to really enjoy your high school experience, it will pass you by in the blink of an eye.