This class is a BLAST!


Mattingly Sullivan, Multimedia editor

Here at Wellington High School, there is a new period 5 elective course called “BLAST.” BLAST stands for Black Leadership & Achievement Student Team. The teacher of this class is Mrs. Toussaint, and she started this class this school year!


Mckenzie Henry, the student leader of BLAST said, “BLAST the acronym Black Leadership Achievement Student Team.  Our mission is to empower black students by creating a positive mindset, achieve academic success, and develop leadership skills. BLAST is an honors class that promotes, and trains young black leaders. BLAST echo’s the call for changing the narrative as it relates to the way in which Black is viewed, expressed, and experienced.” 


It was Mckenzies idea to start this great class here at Wellington High, she said, “I had a vision of building comradery and inclusion within the walls of Wellington High. During my freshman year, I felt like an outsider. Thus I wanted to change that experience for students that looked like me. Thankfully, Mr. Kozlowski, Mr. Paulk, and Mrs. Toussaint had the same vision. Besides, Mrs. Toussaint saw the need for BLAST, so for two years she worked on materializing her dream to lead, develop and train young black leaders. Mr. Kozlowski, Mr. Paulk, and Mrs. Hayden are responsible for opening the door and allowing the marriage of ideas between Mrs. Toussaint vision and mine. Today, we celebrate our vision and persistency, BLAST!” Mckenzie wanted to change others’ high school experience, so she envisioned this class and she made it happen!


Every class here on campus has a purpose, when Mckenzie was asked about the importance of BLAST, she said, “BLAST is a task with the changing narrative, one student at a time.  By forcing its students to see themselves in a different light. In a light where others can look on , and see brilliance, self-discipline, and quality leadership skills that lie within our community. Students are taught the rich untold stories of black excellence in our country and around the globe. We hope to bring inclusion on our campus where all feel welcome, and a continuous sense of belonging.” The purpose of this class is to make all feel welcomed and important, to bring inclusion. 


This club will be doing different activities and events, Mckenzie stated, “In BLAST, we are learning about strong black leaders in various industries (sports, culinary, film, banking,

entrepreneurs, etc.). Students learn about persistent, disciplined, courageous, innovative and noteworthy black leaders. We work alongside clubs like SGA to assist in changing the narrative. We will have guest speakers come in, from time to time, to share their journey to success. Additionally, we will venture in and around our community to experience, first hand, black museums, black culture, black inventions; most importantly, to see black leaders in action. We work alongside clubs like SGA to assist in changing the narrative.” 


So far in BLAST there are 14 students involved, if you want to email Mrs. Toussaint and your guidance counselor so you can get in the class.