Medical marijuana permitted in D.C. schools



Jaidyn Houghtaling

Two months ago, D.C. lawmakers announced that students are now allowed to consume any medical marijuana products at school, as long as they have a license.

D.C. council passed emergency legislation that said that teachers can not prohibit students from consuming marijuana at school if they have a medical marijuana license.

In 2014, the D.C. medical marijuana program argued that medical marijuana is an effective treatment for students with epilepsy. Councilmember David Grosso said that he introduced the emergency legislation to ensure families that they do not need to choose between a medical marijuana treatment and school.

When he introduced the bill, Grosso said, “Due to the continued federal criminalization of marijuana, the mayor’s agencies have taken a fairly restrictive approach to medical marijuana out of fear of having the federal government come down hard on our patients, doctors and medical marijuana businesses”.

Medical marijuana can be administered at medical treatment facilities. School nurses can administer prescription drugs, including marijuana if the student has a license.

Confusion arose when a 6th grader wasn’t allowed to consume medical marijuana at her charter school. The school said that she did not have a medical marijuana license; therefore, she could not consume it at her school.