WHS college visiting schedule


Colleges that may be visiting

Sally-Emma Calandroni, Managing Editor

September through October colleges will be visiting our school, all will be held at lunch unless stated otherwise.


September 12th 

Florida Polytechnic University 

College Career Center

September 19th 

Boston University

College Career Center

 September 20th

Lynn University

College Career Center

September 23rd

University of South Florida

September 24th

Florida State University

Lecture Hall

September 25th

University of Florida

Lecture Hall

September 27th

University of Alabama

Lecture Hall


October 4th

Florida Atlantic University

October 10th

University of Central Florida

Media Center (11:30)

October 11th

Marymount Manhattan University

Lecture Hall 

October 17th

University of South Carolina

Lecture Hall

October 18th

Northeastern University

College Career Center (2 PM)

Nova Southeastern University

College Career Center 

October 21st

Florida Gulf Coast University

Lecture Hall