Teacher Spotlight: Mr.Whalen


Javier Sarache Jr., Multimedia Editor

Mr. Whalen is Aprils teacher spotlight. He is the head Wellington swim coach and teaches government and theater. Mr. Whalen has a way with people. He rubs off after you’re first introduced. He fills the school with a positive mentality and encourages students to thrive for greatness.

The Wave: What made you want to become a teacher?

Whalen: I was working in film and television, I had some downtime while we were working on a project so I came back to west palm beach and a friend of mine suggested substituting. So I started with that and I found out I can go back to college if I study a certain area they were looking for. So I went to college and got into this field. Now I teach.

Wave: What is the best memory you’ve had since you’ve been a teacher here at Wellington High School?

Whalen: Tremendous amount. I’ve had a lot of experiences that I wouldn’t have had if I never became a teacher. I’ve gotten to travel with chorus and compete at national levels with film. I have students that work in the industry, in journalism and sports, for ESPN and CBS. They reach out sometimes to thank me and it always feels nice. It all been a part of a great experience.

Wave: What are some of the things you’re leaving with?

Whalen: A Lot of good memories, a lot of good people, a lot of good times.

Wave: What do you want people to leave with after having you for a whole year?

Whalen: Hopefully that they are positive, and approach life in a way where they can accomplish anything they want to. To persevere and be successful.

Wave: What’s your zodiac sign?  Do you think it represents what kind of teacher you put yourself out to be?

Whalen: I’m a virgo, and I don’t think it has anything to do with how I teach. I like people, I’m a people person and I like seeing them reach their goals and become successful.