Why to Apply to Newspaper

Credit: WHS Wave

Credit: WHS Wave

Haley Hartner, News Editor

Anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in digital or multimedia journalism, or who enjoys informative writing should consider applying for the WHS Wave.

Wellington High School’s student-run newspaper, the WHS Wave, is now accepting applications from prospective contributors interested in joining either the 5th period class or club next fall.  

Participation in the WHS Wave helps to refine students writing and prepares potential journalists with experience in news writing, data gathering, interviewing, and reporting, as well as educating them on the processes of editing and content brainstorming.

WHS Wave staff members have the option to write pieces regarding student life, political and current events, arts and entertainment, reviews, press releases, photography, and more.  The Wave’s content is digitally displayed on the newspaper’s website, whswave.com, and is accessible to everyone.

This fast-paced environment reflects the creativity and integrity of a professional journalistic environment, with students ability to investigate and explore topics that interest them, and that they believe are important for the public to acknowledge.  With content deadlines and current events of interest all shared at the beginning of each week, writers have the liberty to thoroughly research, plan, and execute news stories at a level of efficiency that best suits them.

So, if you or someone you know enjoys writing or is considering pursuing it as a career, stop by Mr. Laubscher’s room, 4-105, and pick up an application.  

Don’t wait to start learning the basics of journalism- stay ahead of the game and become a part of the Wave now!

Application for current high school students

Application for incoming freshman