Wellington Slam Poetry Team Competes at Louder than a Bomb

Wellington Slam Poetry Team Competes at Louder than a Bomb

Ex Libris

Haley Hartner, News Editor

Wellington’s slam poetry team, Ourspoetica, competed against other Florida high schools at the Louder than a Bomb slam poetry competition.  

The team traveled to Delray Beach for their first bout, where they performed solo and group performance pieces in front of a panel of judges. They placed second overall, losing first place to Boca Raton High School, in the first round.

They worked their way South to Pompano for their second bout, where they also placed in second.  

While many of the participants felt as though some of the judges’ scores were questionable, the saying “the point is not the points, the point is the poetry” instilled an evident sense of pride and contentment within the poets, despite the scores.

Senior and second-year slam poetry team member, Javier Sarache Jr. said, “It was really cool to see how impacted the listeners were afterward.  I loved how coaches and students from other schools that I didn’t even know came up and told me how much they loved my piece. That’s the best feeling.”

The Wolverines are now qualified for the Louder than Bomb semifinals, which will take place at Nova Southeastern University on April 6th, at 1 pm.  They are hopeful to take first place at this next competition.