December 2018 Teacher Spotlight — Mr. Swan

Javier Sarache, Multimedia Editor

Mr. Swan has been one of Wellington High’s most popular teachers since the very beginning. He constantly pushes for his students to succeed and mature. Mr. Swan is a heartfelt teacher who enjoys teaching and interacting with students on a personal level–allowing them to see him as not just a science teacher, but also a person they can come to for guidance. Now, currently in his final year of teaching, we had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Swan and ask him about his thoughts and experiences working at Wellington High school.


The Wave: What made you want to become a science teacher?

Mr. Swan: My wife’s a teacher, we’ve been married a long time. I became a teacher because I’ve always enjoyed working with the kids. It makes you feel good seeing a kid improve and make advancements. Sometimes it can be irritating, especially working with the younger crowd. But watching them mature, change, and grow up can be pretty rewarding.


W: What is the best memory you’ve had since you’ve been a teacher here at Wellington High School?

S: That’s a hard one. There’s a lot of memories. The best memory was pretty special. I had a girl that was struggling. And when she found out she passed and was going to graduate, I just happened to walk past the hallway and she jumped up, screamed, and hugged me. It was a pretty neat experience.

Work with them, help them, let them figure it out. Treat them as people.

W: You are very liked by a lot of students at WHS. How does that make you feel?
S: It makes me feel pretty happy. I hope they like me because I’ve been trying to be fair and treat them as human beings. There’s no reason to stand there and scream and dictate what they need to do. Work with them, help them, let them figure it out. Treat them as people.


W: Are you looking forward to retirement? What are some of the things you’re leaving with?
S: Absolutely looking forward to retirement. My wife and I have been working for a long time. Looking forward to having the chance to relax and do the things I enjoy. Have more of a chance to spend with my grandchildren and do things I like doing… What am I leaving here with? A lot of good memories. I really enjoy running into kids I’ve seen grow up, years later after they graduate, seeing how they’re doing in life. I get a thrill out of that. How they’ve progressed and grown up.

What am I leaving here with? A lot of good memories.

W: What do you want people to leave with after having you for a whole year?
S: I hope they’ve learned about their responsibility as a student. That we’re not going to do it for them. Being able to take that and grow. Learning how to learn.