5 ACT & SAT Study Tips

Ian Leonard, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The SAT’s and ACT’s are major determining factors for students who to go to college, and it sometimes can be very stressful preparing for them. Without having studied beforehand, some students may feel unprepared when the test date approaches. In case you are feeling nervous or unprepared, here are five ways to help you study for the SAT’s or ACT’s and be confident with your score.

1. Tutors

If you’re looking for someone who may have taken the test and could know what’s on them and to know what to study for, tutors can be a great help. You can use this website to check out some tutors that have helped students succeed on the test.

2. Study Books

Owning a study book while trying to study for either of the tests is always a helpful resource for students trying to get a high score. The most common brand used when trying to study is The Official SAT Study Guide, 2018 Edition.

3. Study Partners

If you have a friend or peer that you know is also taking the same test as you, there is always the option of being study partners with them. Being with friends or peers while studying can be beneficial to students because if one is confused about a certain topic, the others in the group can be of some help understand the material.

4. School Study Sessions

Sometimes schools host schoolwide study sessions where a group of teachers get together and invite students to go over some material that might be on the tests. Check with teachers or school officials to see when there may be any study sessions to get prepared.

5. Practice SAT’s / ACT’s

Another thing your school may do to help students prepare for the tests are practice tests. The practice test will have the same atmosphere as the actual test and will have similar questions as to what will be on the test.

With these helpful tips, you will be able to confidently take either the SAT’s or ACT’s and get a good score that you will be proud of and will boost your chance of getting into the college of your dreams!