Insight From the WHS College Tour


Sally-Emma Calandroni, Design Editor

About 45 students, including myself, from Wellington High School boarded a bus at 6 AM last Wednesday morning, to go on an across-state trek, visiting some of the most prominent schools in Florida.

We went all over Florida from college to college learning about all the different opportunities, what makes each college unique, and why we should attend. Most of the colleges were very well known and some of the best in Florida, such as the University of Florida, Florida State University, the University of Central Florida, and six others.

To some, these colleges may seem unattainable due to either financial circumstances or GPA and test score requirements; however, colleges do all they can to pull the highest numbers they can. They either pull GPA or testing scores, whichever is best, to try and get you accepted into the college you want.

Common words of advice that almost all colleges gave us:

  1. try to take all 4 years of a language and have a stocked schedule in school. You shouldn’t take classes off or it’s going to look like you’re not trying. Instead, try filling your schedule with as many advanced classes as possible.
  2. Take both the SAT and ACT. Colleges will only look at the higher score, and taking both the SAT/ACT a few times will only help you, not hurt you.
  3. Become involved with extracurricular activities.

This was an amazing experience if you are struggling with deciding which direction you want to take in life. College is a huge part in dictating where you’re going with your future and it’s important to make sure you feel like you belong on the campus you choose.

The next trip will hopefully take place in the spring. Make sure to keep an eye out, and contact our guidance department if you’re interested.

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