A Brand New Exposure: The Future of Photo Club


Marilene Rivas, Media Editor

Following the introduction of the new photography teacher, Sid Pentzke, Wellington High School will see many progressive changes from its previous version of its Photography Club.

After a heartbreaking goodbye to Wellington’s previous photography teacher, Ms. Brubaker, a new teacher has risen up to the task. Mr. Pentzke plans on reworking the Photography Club from the ground up, with a wide array of original and creative events. He does this with his experienced and professional skill in digital photography.

There has been a Photography Club in the years past but attendance numbers, as well as activities within the club, have been quite lacking. Starting this year Mr. Pentzke plans to improve these qualities. He is adding various new activities this year, which include: field trips, fundraisers, themed contests (with prizes). As the year goes on the list will only continue to expand.
His officers are also as qualified as he is for their positions. The club’s Co-Presidents and Co-Vice Presidents, two students filling up each role, are all in the highest level of photography. They are available for reference and critiques as they were chosen for their demonstration of mastery in the subject.

Michael DaSilva, Co-President of Photo Club says, “Photo Club has always been around but no one has ever really done anything with it. This year we plan on changing that. We have various field trips, contests, and fundraisers planned to help make photo club greater than it has ever been.”


People have been enjoying this club already. It is not too late to join and meetings are held every third Tuesday of every month. Anyone can sign up, regardless of whether they have a photo class or not.


Kallyani Prakash, a junior and a member of Photo Club says, “It’s lit you guys, we take awesome pictures and we can even pose for each other! We capture the moments we share and it’s the realist, bro.”