Freshman vs. Senior Year


Jazmin Alvarez, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The first day of school, without objection, is the most memorable out of the year. Freshman year was all about the excitement of new beginnings and getting the chance to not be that “cute kid from around the block,” as the neighbors would describe. As opposed to senior year, which is more similar to the action of wondering if the phone charger is on kitchen counter next to what was supposed to be breakfast.

“My first days were more exciting than my last. As you go through the years it’s the same routine,  just different classes,” said, senior, Juli Schiliro.

On the morning of in freshman year, most jump out of bed and head straight for the closet to pick the outfit they recently bought over the summer just for this special occasion. In contrast with senior year, most manage to roll out of bed after hitting the snooze button for the last 30 minutes and grab that lucky sweatshirt that has been hiding at the bottom of the cabinet all summer.

The routine continues with the school supplies and class schedules. In freshman year, book-bags are stuffed with 5 subject notebooks and all writing utensils imaginable. In addition, during the first week of school, the class schedule is a freshman’s worst nightmare. The majority sprinting from class to class, trying to figure out the maze that is the foundation of high school while questioning the seniors that are idling in the halls. As opposed to senior year, in which most know that class syllabus forms are the only papers passed out and discussed, therefore going through the effort of bringing supplies is rendered useless.

Overall, it is apparent that most seniors catch the cunning senioritis disease, however in senior year all grow to be resourceful and wise.

“It’s really nice to have all the advantages that come with senior year that didn’t come with freshman year. For example, knowing which bathroom is the least disgusting to use,” said, senior, Michael Lopez.