Daniel Clein- Charity Visionary


Erin Bryant, Editor-in-Chief

Daniel Clein, Wellington High student, is a hard-worker who seeks only smiles.


It all began with a little boy named Anthony at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, FL. Anthony, a Lego enthusiast, did not have his own set.


This simple request catalyzed the creation of the organization now known as Bricks Busting Boredom. So far, Clein has collected about 500 pounds of Legos for kids just like Anthony.


“I realized that Legos were an untapped resource; they are undoubtedly present in homes that have ever contained children,” Clein explained.


Clein used social media and his influence as a member of student government to gain support for his cause. Using only a smartphone, Clein sent a message of hope from thousands of students at a pep rally to bed-ridden children.


Unfortunately, Clein has a history with childhood illness. In 2012, his four-year-old cousin Aaron was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. During 14 rounds of chemotherapy, Aaron had an iPad. Sarah, Clein’s sister, noticed how much the device meant to him- it was a source of entertainment, communication, and distraction from a harsh reality. She believed every child should have access to an iPad and she began Aaron’s iPad Lending Library.


He uses his past to work his way through current problems and as a way to inspire and help others.


“He has a knack for conjuring up novel ideas, which, because he is so self-motivated, he is able to execute,” SGA sponsor, Melissa Varvarigos, said.


“My work is nowhere near complete,” Clein said.


Clein will continue collecting Legos for Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital, and he hopes to expand his efforts to other local hospitals.