Students Make Capes for Children


Staff Report

Wellington High FCCLA members Lauren Thomas, Rebecca Millington, and Michael Barnes completed a community service project by making superhero capes for the St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital Carnival.

The silky red capes included a Velcro feature to aid with the care of the patients.

“The best part about our superhero cape project was knowing that we are going to make many children at the hospital very happy,” Thomas said. “Some children can spend days to weeks in the hospital and now they will have their own item that they can wear that makes them feel strong and powerful.”

Once coming up with a plan of how to design the capes, the Fashion Design class here at school, helped construct and sew the capes to donate.

Lauren, Rebecca, and Michael are making a portfolio explaining their project that they will take to compete in ‘states’ at Orlando in March.