Dance Marathon 2016 Approaching

Dance Marathon 2016 Approaching

Marilene Rivas, Staff Writer

Wellington Community High School raises money for many different reasons, often to make charitable donations to those in need. As soon as March rolls around, specifically March eleventh, an annual tradition called Dance Marathon is held and students are encouraged to go to the gym an hour after school ends.

This is not an assembly or a club meeting, but a fundraising event aimed to help local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. All of the money raised is sent directly to Shands Children’s Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. This year’s goal is to raise $25,000, and with 52 days off (as of January 19, 2016) the school has already rounded to profit of about $22,000.

These proceeds have been collected through the means of tickets and merchandise, such as caps, pins, hoodies, stickers, and shirts. The tickets are sold for the event itself, a dance held in the gym where participants must remain standing for seven hours. Food and drinks are to be provided and music plays as many activities are available to the contributors.

Last year’s Dance Marathon was a huge success with the students, as many clubs and organizations on campus spread the news throughout the year. It has become a popular event and appeals students to help donate to this great cause. Ultimately, they are all being rewarded with a night filled with excitement with their friends, which results in a win-win situation.

“Well, at first I was a bit worried that it was going to be empty as well as feeling a bit shy, but after a while people began to show up and I lost all my wariness. It was a really fun experience for a really big and important cause, and let’s not forget free food!” –Michael DaSilva, Junior.