Full-Time Student, Part-Time Employee

Full-Time Student, Part-Time Employee

Savannah Edwards, Staff Writer

Money is what makes the world go around. However, college has become increasingly hard to get in to, and high school grades weigh heavily on acceptance decisions. Balancing a paid job and an educational career can be difficult.

Students like Stacy Kappel, senior and Publix employee, are no stranger to the practice that many find too strenuous to handle.

“I only work a couple days during the week due to school, so I would definitely like to do more work,” Kappel said, “Publix is usually very good with schedule requests and time off.”

Many students are also concerned with their work environment. They, like all other employees, look for jobs where they are treated with respect and appreciation. Company principles are significant when deciding where to work.

“I’m treated fairly at my job, and Publix is an awesome company to work for,” Kappel reflected.

Some have the drive and commitment to stay with companies for a long time. Time cultivates valuable relationships and skills that can we used in the future.

“I have been working at Publix for a few months, but I see myself staying with the company long-term.”

In October of 2013, youth enrolled in high school had an employment rate of 17%.

It is debatable whether or not students should be a part of the working class, but the benefits of student jobs are immeasurable.

“I think students should have jobs in high school, because it prepares them for the expectations of both college and jobs after college. It is good to going into those situations confidently with knowledge what you’re doing.”