Halloween: More Than Candy


Marilene Rivas, Staff Writer

With Halloween time coming to a close, many incoming high schoolers wonder if will they make the right choice Saturday night. High school students have the choice to attend a variety of events, from trick-or-treating to drop-dead partying; there is not one correct answer on how to properly spend Halloween. Therefore, the following are a few of the most popular ways to honor the spookiest night of the year.

  • To celebrate Halloween… you don’t. Whether a lack of plans, sheer laziness, or pure indifference, some take this holiday as if it were any other weekend. Hitting up Netflix, reading a book in the darkest corner of the house, or just sleeping seem to be alternative to social activity.
  • Get scared! Some see it as tradition to go out and jump out of their skin. Options include Fright Nights, scary movies or haunted houses and trails. Nonetheless, they all share the thrilling factor of fear and adrenaline to pump up to a great time.
  • Party until you drop… dead. For some, Halloween serves as an excuse to celebrate and throw a party. You could dance all night to creepy tunes or even have a costume contest, but overall it’s just to have a good time with friends… or make some!
  • Trick-or-treat? Some are left with the haunting question of whether or not high school is the point where this activity has become out dated. The answer is… Absolutely not! Getting free candy is always a winning situation, so don’t let what others are doing stop you.

“I usually don’t do anything for Halloween and haven’t for the past ten years. My family and I have treated Halloween as a family night. We lock all the doors, close all the windows, and hide our cars to pretend nobody is home. This way we use Halloween as an excuse to buy a giant bag of candy for ourselves,” Michael DaSilva, junior, said.

The atmosphere reeks of excitement every Halloween, for this holiday is highly adored within most of the school’s teenagers. So regardless of how the vastly anticipated night is spent, one is sure to have a great time.