Are Video Games Bad?


Jazmin Alvarez, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Video games have been around since the early 1970s. They provide button-smashing fun for all . If asked, the majority of children in the United States will give, as far as entertainment goes, video games a ten out of ten.

Video games have always seemed to be addictive to those who have dared pick up the controller. However, a level or two quickly can escalate to a twelve-hour battle to the death. No one can honestly say that video games have an insignificant impact on those who play them.

Violent video games are constantly being blamed by the media for today’s crime rate and anti-social behavior. Conversely, Entertainment Software Association has data that shows a negative correlation between violent crimes and video game sales.

Many parents find that their children prefer the comfort of these games rather than a human touch. Over time , parents can find themselves glued to the phones as teachers inform them of their child’s refusal to do work or pay attention in class.

In addition to solace, children enjoy copying the behavior of their most beloved characters as they want to develop a similar personality as their hero.

“Before my brother was quite normal. After playing FIFA,  he acted as if everything was a goal and became very violent with a soccer ball,” Kallyani Prakash, sophomore, said.

If these admired characters constantly take part in violence, parents could find themselves stuck in a principal’s office with their troublesome child.

However, video games have many benefits as well.

“They improved my sister’s hand eye coordination and motor skills. They are a way for her to use her free time to do something slightly productive,” Heather Smith, senior, said.

Video games also allow children to come up with creative ways to solve problems, which can improve their logic and reasoning skills.

Children can also reap lessons of time management.

Many games force the players to take on a level with limited materials and a short amount of time. Whether it be subconsciously or not, they transfer these teachings into the non-virtual world once they have adapted to it.

It is difficult to make a strong case opposing or favoring video games. Like most pleasures, they have their vices. Therefore, parents should monitor their children’s games as well as their habits.