Student Spotlight: Brittany Le


Angelica Capote

Her heart is just as big and bright as her florescent colored hair; Brittany Le, a senior at Wellington High, is making waves with everything she does. With her passion in writing, art, and now teaching, she is a bullet train on the way to success! Brittany Le, with her involvement in the Literary Magazine class, the Wellington Wave, and has won many awards, she’s bound to make a big impact in the school systems and even more.


Q: How long have you been dying your hair? What was your favorite color?

A: I’ve been dying my hair since 6th grade. I started small with magenta highlights, which my middle school did not like. To compromise, I continued to do giant blonde chunks in 7th and 8th grade. As soon as I hit high school as a freshman I dyed my entire head a very bright red. Towards the end of that year my hair was then a dark red. 10th grade I started to add pink to my hair. Ever since I was a sophomore, I’ve had pink and red hair and it is by far my favorite color. Each and every year I add more pink.

Q: What is your role in the Literary Magazine class?

A: I’m an editor, a producer, and organizer for the class.

Q: Describe your writing, how long have you been a writer? Do you see a future in writing/art?

A:I’ve been a writer ever since I was I 13. I started in a little journal. I love poetry and prose equally. I enjoy extended metaphors, analogies, hidden subliminal messages, and personification. I like to make my writing come alive through these elements and imagery. I don’t exactly see my career with writing and art. However, I plan to create art and writing as a hobby.

Q:What is your job on the Wave?

A:I am the copy editor, and I also a staff writer.

Q: Where do you want to go to school?

A: I want to go to FAU.

Q: What is your career goal?

A: My career goal is to be an elementary school teacher, and maybe a principal in the far future!

Q: When did you first want to be a teacher?

A: I’ve always had a thing for helping and being with children, but it wasn’t until my senior year that I fully dedicated myself to the decision to be a teacher. My dad encouraged me on the path and, having many options to take, I decided teaching was more suited for me.

Q: What age group do you want to teach most? Why?

A: I want to teach elementary students because I find it important to unleash their creative minds. Also, these young students will be going through a prime time for cognitive development and I find it important to lead them on the right path.

Q: What experience (in or out of school) do you think has prepared you most for your future career?

A: I think having a little brother and sister has most prepared me. I’ve also taken a Parenting Skills class on FLVS that helped ready me for the different types of children who have ranging backgrounds, home lives, cultures, and interests. Another out of school experience I have is through a missionary trip with my church where I went to Belleglade for one week. In this week I helped build a church, package food, play, and spend quality time with children.

Q: If teaching doesn’t work out, what is your back up career choice?

A: Aside from teaching I have an interest in advertising and hospitality. I always enjoyed the idea of creating and planning events, but through Lit Mag I’ve found interest in designing and advertising.

Q: What were some teachers that got you into the mind set of teaching?

A Ms. Cooperman has definitely inspired me a lot. I had so much fun creating presentations, and I think she enjoyed watching them too because she had me save my powerpoints to her computer so she can share them in the future! Also Mr. Zucker has inspired me a great deal. It’s through his class that I found my voice and gained leadership skills. In another class, with Ms. Brown, I was the “leader” of the class so to say. I was able to teach other students what I knew. She put me in many situations where I was essentially the class teacher.

Q: List the awards you have won

A: Award of Excellence from the FE.. I forgot the other letters

A: Passed the AICE Art exam (hard to do)

A: Several nominations for writing, seldom win

A: Character counts

A: Hall of Fame in the yearbook…


The school district is going to grain a very strong willed, intelligent leader when Brittany Le joins the team. With her well rounded background and colorful personality, she is sure to make learning and life in general better for students all around.