How Far Would You Go For Your Education?


Taylor McGriff, Staff Writer

With college requirements growing by the year, it seems teenagers are scrambling to get into their dream schools. But getting accepted is only half the struggle. What it may really come down to is funding.

Tuition, dorm fees, books, meal plans, tuition, school supplies and spending money are some of the main expenses of college, which can add up to about $60,000 a year depending on the college of choice, but how is a teenager supposed to fund all of this? One teenager from Lincoln Park, New Jersey, sued her parents for college tuition. She felt nothing or anyone should hold her back from her educational future – not even her own parents. With some teenagers stopping at nothing, how far would a student today really go for his or her college education?

With the last day for seniors at WHS approaching, the main topic is college and how, when, and where everyone is going there.

Some students are more desperate than others to get to college, but the level of desperation can run deep for some.

“Yes, I still have a whole year left of high school, but I’m already thinking about where I want to go. Money in order to pay for it is also a big red flag in my mind,” Makenzie McMullen, Junior, said.

Other students at WHS believe that the cards will fall where they may and that the money will come if it is meant for them to go to college.

One WHS Senior who would like to remain nameless, said, “I have no idea what I’m doing after I graduate. I could care less about college right now. I just want to enjoy my youth and if it’s meant for me to go the college, it will happen.”

For students thinking about college, they are in the rat race for college tuition money and to fund their higher education.

“I plan on getting a job or two as soon as I graduate. Not going to school is not an option for me. I have to go to college and plan my future because I know no one else will. Every dollar that touches my hands starting the last day of high school will go towards college,” Ashley Barnes, Senior, said.

The tension around this time of year is thick with college plans, and funding their futures is the most stressful aspect for students. After the seniors all say their goodbyes, life truly starts and so do the tuition bills.

How far one will go to get where they want to be varies depending on our circumstances and motivations, but our future shouldn’t ever be taken lightly no matter how different our plans are.