Gabi’s Senior Goodbye

Gabi's Senior Goodbye

Gabrielle Harris, Editor-in-Chief

As my senior year comes to an end (in exactly two days, from this moment that I’m typing this) I find myself reflecting back on the years I’ve spent at Wellington High School and how quickly it seemed to have ended. My freshman year was when I first came into this newspaper class and I was completely terrified. I don’t really know why I chose newspaper, even up to this day, I just know that it was one of the best decisions of my life.


Newspaper opened so many doors for me that I would have never realized were there if it weren’t for this class. I hate to be stereotypical and say that this class was life-changing but in all honesty it was. I met friends that I hope to keep for a lifetime, attended many events that opened my eyes to the field of journalism and communications, and got to have the most incredible teacher for four years. I never thought when I walked into room 4-105, back in August of 2011 that my life would forever be changed.


Coming into high school, I was very introverted and confused on how the whole “making new friends” concept worked. I came into Wellington expecting to only stay for a year and then flee to another school, but because of the website that I’m currently on, I stayed. Looking back, I’m happy I participated in many activities to make my high school career more enjoyable. Powderpuff, to Poetry Live, to Talent Unplugged, if I asked my past self about these experiences I would have never believed it. I performed a feminist poem in front of the whole student body, pulled flags off of girls while racing through the rain, and got to be the Editor-in-Chief of this amazing online publication that I like to call my baby. I’m proud of the person I came while in the walls of Wellington High School, and no matter how much I complain about this school, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it.


I want to say thank you to the Wellington Wave staff for working with me this whole years (or more if you’ve been with me for multiple years) and dealing with me through the struggles of keeping this website together! And good luck to the future Editor-in-Chief Mya Mandell! I know you’re going to do great things for this newspaper and I truly believe it will be better than ever with you in charge.


I also want to give a special shout out to Scott Zucker. You honestly changed my life, and this class would never be the same without you pulling the reins in the right direction. You’re an inspiration and thank you for letting me lead this class.