Student spotlight on Angelica Capote


Ambitions for equality surge through Angelica Capote’s brain and heart. She is a senior at Wellington High and is planning on going to college to pursue her dreams of directing. She wants to bring more than an old film a new advanced look; she wants to give a new look to the cast too! Her Literary Magazine class has only furthered her desire to chant “lights, cameras, action!”

Q: When did you first join Lit Mag?

A: Junior year, 2013.

Q: What is your role in the class?

A: Well I have done a lot for the class; I like to think if you ask anyone else in the class they would say the same. Just this year alone I have been a writer, producer, artist, film writer and editor, stage crew, stage manager, art and advertisement, and piece editor. I like to keep busy, ya know.

Q: Is stage production something you intend to pursue?

A: Yeah I think if the opportunity came I would enjoy creating something for the stage. I have written plays and stage performances before and there’s something mysterious and alluring about the stage that interest me.

Q: What is your career goal?

A: I really want to get into film and work on EVERYTHING. Writing, directing, editing, filming, animatronics, makeup and prosthetics, maybe a little animation, I want to work with all mediums. But I really have a hankering for writing and directing, it just feels second nature.

Q: Do you think your experience with Lit Mag has helped prepare you?

A: Yes most definitely! I have become more tech savvy by making magazines and videos; I learned many leadership skills by producing and organizing shows, more crative. Lit Mag has done a heavy number on me.

Q: What part of Lit Mag, do you feel, best prepares you for your future goal?

A: Producing shows was most helpful because I really got a hold of creating large-scale productions and being a leader when it comes to detailed shows.

Q: When did you first become interested in directing?

A: Back in my sophomore year when I was in Mr. Zucker’s Creative Writing class, he gave us an assignment to write, direct, and film a short film, and I had so much fun working on it. It was like something clicked into place, like yep, this is something I want to do with my life.

Q: Name some movies that inspire you.

A: Oh gosh, this is tough one. Mostly the movies I watched growing up were the most inspiring to me and made the most impact, and I think a lot of kids are like that. That one of the biggest reasons why I want to get into animated films because they are such a big part of young people and the young at heart. Old 2D animated films like the ones created by Don Bluth and the like, and of course Walt Disney films, were always my favorite. Sometimes I don’t entirely like a film but it’s the plot, or one really special character with amazing development, beautiful animation, or a scene that just greatly executed that truly inspires me.

Q: Have you ever produced a movie or short film?

A: Yes I have! I created one back in my sophomore year, it was terrible, but that didn’t stop me! I have written a few scripts, plays, and I wrote, filmed, directed, and edited the Lit Mag Poetry Live video, which was easily a high light of my senior year. And I don’t plan to stop there; I have many projects I hope to be creating in the near future!

Q: As an aspiring director, what is one change you hope to bring to the film industry?

A: So, so much. I really want to bring diversity to the movie industry, like people of different races, religions, sexualities, genders, disabilities, the list goes on. So many movies have protagonist that are white, straight, male, and ‘normal’ , especially in animated films. People and especially young people need to see movies about them, representation is super important. There’s wasn’t (there still isn’t) a Spanish Disney princess or many female super hero’s for me to look up to when I was growing up, and any progress that has felt like one step forward, three steps back. Children need a character that they can relate to  such as characters of different races, characters with learning disabilities, and female characters that are well written! A non-stereotypical person that is a hero with their own stories. Children are so easily subjected to negativity in the world and they can learn hatred so fast, I want to make something that will make them feel and understand that they and everyone around them is important.

The world of movies needs more than just a remake with the same sex and sexualities of its previous version and Angelica is the girl with a whirlwind of dedicated justice. On the side, she is becoming extremely well known for her jewelry making. Many people around school have bought some of her creations such as Alix Krolick, Alicia Lowenstein, Elana Marcus, and Ryan Creech.

Q: What type of jewelry do you make?

A: I make necklaces out of stones and crystals by wire rapping them and stringing them along either thick string or cord.

Q: -How long have you been making jewelry?

A: Since about the beginning of the school year, I started giving my necklaces out as gifts and goodluck charms to the Literary Magazine producers the night of their shows. From there I started making more for my own use and entertainment, and people started asking about them.

Q: Do you work alone, or with someone?

A: I work with my mother; she has been making jewelry all her life. I work on wire rapid pendants, while my mother works on bracelets, rings, and full necklaces with multiple beads. She’s much more experienced than I am, and I learn a whole ton from her over the years.

Q: -Do you have a business?

A: Not yet! But my mom and I plan to open an Etsy account over the summer and start selling our work through there.

Q:-How much do you charge?

A: All prices vary on how much detail, work, and time went into making them. The pieces mostly range for $5 to $10 though.

-When did you start to go viral around school?

A: Not very much since recently! Customers of mine have mentioned my work to their friends and my jewelry started to become popular through word of mouth.

Q: Do you have any regular customers?

A: Yes a friend of mine, Elana Marcus, has collected about 5 or 6 of my pieces and always asks to see what new jewelry I have made.

If you’re looking for someone who gives off good vibes through jewelry and dreams, Angelica Capote is your girl to go to.