Netflix Addiction is Real


Cassidy Flechaus, Multi Media Editor

The reason why students are failing school and even not going out on the weekends anymore can be summed up into one word: Netflix. For those who do not know what Netflix is, well stay ignorant because it ruins lives, but most people won’t realize this until they’re in the middle of the 7th episode in the 3rd season, when there is no going back.

“I don’t even know what time of day it is sometimes, I just keep watching,” Hannah Smith, Senior said.

Saying that “you love Netflix” is now the number one way to describe oneself when trying to find a roommate in college. The Netflix virus has spread so far and wide that Netflix is now creating its own TV shows. Not only is Netflix adding more content to their programming, but they are also opening up new movies and TV shows to different areas just to feed people’s addiction.

Netflix’s new TV drama “Dare Devil” is rekindling addictions and people were relapsing back into their addiction. Seniors watching Netflix have described the experience as life changing and the number one reason for senioritis.

Netflix is such a popular entity because of its accessibility to continuous shows. People can literally watch a season a day if they really want to, and most really want to.

“I average about 4 episodes a night of Greys Anatomy,” Lexington Olsen, freshman, said.

Doctors probably won’t come up with a cure but, who cares any way. Netflix is life.