Students Change World One Compliment at a Time


Adrianna Castro, Staff Writer

High school can either be the best time of a students life, or one of the worst. Two weeks ago an anonymous twitter account spread like wildfire. The anonymous page by the name of “WHS Compliments” caused a stir around the school. . It allows anyone to send in a compliment through a private message, and the twitter page will then post it.

“I would really like to know who is behind this page. I think they deserve an award for all of the positivity they are spreading,” Andrea Estevez, senior, said.

Bullying in schools across America is a major issue. Loved ones have been lost as a result of bullying. Many teens feel as if they are walking alone in a world filled with millions of people.

“This WHS compliments page is bringing our school together. So many great things are being said and it’s putting smiles on peoples faces.” Jillian Mazza, senior, said.

Gossip has rummaged through the halls as students wonder who is behind this twitter page. Assumptions have been made, but the owner of the account still remains anonymous. The secret is safe.

The purpose of this account is to radiate positivity. Every body could use a smile, and the page sure does reflect that. “You have to truly have a heart of gold to make this account,” Andrea, senior, said.

Recently a post was made that stated “It’s great to have body goals and something to motivate you, but you should know you are beautiful as is and shouldn’t think any less of yourself.”

This friendly reminder can change a persons’ perspective on the way they view themselves. It lets people know that they are beautiful the way they are, no matter the lies society tells them.

Wellington High School seeks to come together to put an end to bullying.

“I want to change the school for the better. I want to see smiles burst from the 200 hallway doors. I believe that we can make a change,” Jenna Laucerica, senior, said.

This compliment page has motivated people to do great things. Without people sending in compliments through private messaging, this page wouldn’t be possible. It is the students of Wellington High School that are making this account popular.

With over 200 followers, this page is growing quickly.

Wellington High is on the rise.