The Over Packaged School Lunches

The Over Packaged School Lunches

Mya Mandell, Entertainment Editor

Since the start of school, high school students have been forced to eat overly packed, high-fat, high-sodium, packaged food.

Deep fried chicken, beef with fake grill marks, pizza, and french fries can all be found in cafeterias in every high school around the country. Most schools try and disguise unhealthy foods by offering fruit cups flavored with fake sweeteners and salad bars with wilting vegetables.

According to the USDA, the average school lunch exceeds the recommended 500 milligrams of sodium. The foods that are served are highly processed, and include additives and preservatives to keep the foods at least edible.

When faced with the option to pack a school lunch to eat, parents and students often disregard this choice due to cost and convince. Students and/or parents don’t want or have the time to waste on purchasing and packing a legitimately healthy meal for their children. However, some students value a healthy, home-packed lunch.

“ I never buy lunch at school, I think it’s a huge waste of money and taste terribly, packing my lunch honestly is a lot healthier and saves me and my parents money,” Cheyenne Morgan, sophomore said.

School lunches also include a large amount of over packaging. Plastic wrapping on everything even down to the pizza is served on a plastic wrapper of sorts.

Even the plastic are wrapped in another layer of plastic throwaway when silverware could easily be reused and save energy. Our landfills are clogging up with plastic and unnecessary garbage, some of which comes from convenient but costly school wrapping paper for lunches.

“ I’m a big earth and animal activist, I do everything I can to save our planet and the animals who live with it, so I always make sure to pack my lunch with as little as packaging as possible.” Danny Condon, senior said.

Students who bring their own lunches can save the planet one lunch box at a time by carrying a reusable container to hold their water in as well.